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What is the approximate expected life span of a healthy indoor cat ...
Sorry my Cleo decided she wanted to type and sent the message before I was done. Factors determining life span include: 1. Breed - certain breeds carry inherent ...
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Flickr: Discussing Burmese life span in Burmese cats
Burmese cats / Discuss. Current Discussion: burmese sisters - when one passes away Latest: 9 months ago: Burmese life span Latest: 9 months ago: Gingko's nighttime yell
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What is the life expectancy of a Bengal cat and do they have any ...
Best Answer: Their life expectancy is the same for any other cats. Some will say they have no unusual weaknesses or illnesses, but I believe differently. I ...
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What's the average lifespan of a cat? - Cats | Catster
Answers to: What's the average lifespan of a cat? ... ConfessionsFor Our Cats, We Rearranged Our Home -- and Our Lives
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Life Expectancy of Persian Cats | white-persian-cats
Find out how long Persian cats can live and the factors that influence its life expectancy… The Persian cat tops the list for cat lovers around the world.
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How Long do Cats Live? Cat Age and Cat Lifespan - Cat Breeds World
How long do cats live? Breed type, lifestyle and nutrition play a part in the life span of your cat. A list of the average life span per breed, a cat age calculator ...
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What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Cat? - EzineArticles Submission ...
- Average Cat Life Spans Will Vary; Life Expectancy of Cats; A Fascinating Feline: Bengal Cat General Information; Pet Food Recall - Discover the 4 Healthy Food ...
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Tonkinese Life Expectancy - Signs and symptoms of dog diseases ...
The average life-span of these cats is about 15 years and above. More Articles : Price For Tonkinese Cat; Tonkinese Cat Facts; Tonkinese Life Expectancy
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Dog and Cat Life Expectancy
Cat life expectancy Cats have been documented to live over 30 years; in the Guinness Book of World Records, the oldest cat is 34-36 years. In human years a 30-year ...
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Cat Longevity - NEWTON, Ask a Scientist at Argonne National Labs
What is the life span of a house cat? What is the life span of a street cat?
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Maximum life span - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Maximum life span is a measure of the maximum amount of time one or more members of a population has been observed to survive between birth and death. Most living ...
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What is the life span of Bengal cats - The QandA wiki
What is a wild cats life span? usually 15 years. besides regular pet cats are 20 because other cats would die from, worms. What is the life span for a Siamese cat?
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Does anyone know the life expectancy of my Tonkenise Cats? - Yahoo ...
They tend to have the usual cat life span, which can mean anything between 12-18 years, with 14-15 as an average. But cats, like humans, don't always neatly ...
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Calico cats FAQ - XIS Pvt. Ltd - IT Consultancy and Design Services ...
Calico Cats FAQ What is an average life span of calico cats? The average life span of calico cat is of 15 years but some live bit longer and some bit less.
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What is a life span for a cat? - WebAnswers
What is a life span for a cat? - I have a 15 year old cat and he is getting sicker and sicker, so i just wanted to know what the average age of one is?
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Cats: duh. Cats., housecats, life span - AllExperts Questions ...
housecats, life span, lucky cat: Chris, In a pinch, more people keep their cats indoors, and veterinary medicine has made some real leaps forward. Major causes of ...
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Average Life Span Of A Maine Coon - Welcome To Maine Coon Cat Nation
We would like to know what the life span of our Maine Coon is. Bubba is approximately 10 years old. Reply: Hi Joann, The technical">
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Yahoo Answers - What is the life span of domestic cats?
Depends on the cat, and the lifestyle. Average life span is around 12 years, but if you're cat is a purely indoor cat this is lengthened. In Australia a ...
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What Is The Average Life Span Of A Cat? | Ask Jeeves
The average life span of an indoor cat is about 12 to 18 years. Outdoor cats have a shorter lifespan of about 5 years. ... view more.
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Yahoo Canada Answers - What is the lifespan of cats?
These sort of ages for a cat are very much the exception however. The genetic make up of a cat can be a factor in determining its life span. Some breeds of cat ...
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Persian-Cats - Characteristics
Life Span According to vets, cats usually live 10-18 years. Typically, the life span of ... Guide to Owning a Persian Cat. United States: T.F.H. Publications, Inc., 1997.Birman cats and kittens - Cat Urine Odor Removal
Birman Cat. The Birman is a famous cat from Burma clouded with legendary myths. ... The life spans of the Birman cats are also longer than most cats, as they normally live ...Information and facts on cats, breeds, anatomy, life span ...
Provides information regarding the anatomy of the cat, cat breeds, a cat's life history, choosing and caring for a cat, some diseases, the cat in history, cat family ...