Cat Life Expectancy

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Life expectancy for indoor cat? - Cats | Catster
Answers to: Life expectancy for indoor cat? ... ConfessionsFor Our Cats, We Rearranged Our Home -- and Our Lives
cat life expectancy
Feline Lymphoma Life Expectancy - VetInfo
Feline lymphoma is a form of cancer that can affect any area of the cat’s body. Cats with the feline leukemia virus (FIV) develop lymphoma more often than healthy cats.
cat life expectancy
Life Expectancy of Persian Cats | white-persian-cats
Want to know about life expectancy of Persian cats? Find out how long Persian cats can live and the factors that influence its life expectancy.
cat life expectancy
Life expectancy with feline leukemia? - Yahoo Answers
Best Answer: i dont know about the younger the faster they diw but my cat "big boy" is feline leukemia positive and the vet says he has 0-9 years up to so ...
cat life expectancy
How long is a avarge calico cats life span on average? - Yahoo ...
Calico is the color of the cat and has no relation to how long the life span. If your cat is an indoor cat, and has regular vet check ups at the vet she ...
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The life expectancy of cats - by Betty Carew - Helium
The life expectancy of cats is determined mainly on what type of life the cat has lived. For example, the normal life span of an outdoor cat and a..., Betty Carew
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Average Life Span Of A Maine Coon - Welcome To Maine Coon Cat Nation
Just keeping cats indoors extends their life expectancy significantly. That, along with regular vet visits, and top quality cat food, increases the life span of a cat.
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What is the life expectancy of a Bengal cat and do they have any ...
Best Answer: Their life expectancy is the same for any other cats. Some will say they have no unusual weaknesses or illnesses, but I believe differently. I ...
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Cat Life Expectancy | Cat's are US
Affordable Outdoor Cat House Recommendations. Outdoor cat enclosures allow fresh air as well as healthy sun for your beloved feline friend. Pet cats that are just ...
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The life expectancy of cats - by Brenda Hernandez - Helium
The oldest reported cat was Creme Puff who was 38 years and 3 days old when she passed away. She lived in Austin Texas and was born on August 3, 1..., Brenda Hernandez
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Life expectancy for cat? - Yahoo7 Answers
Best Answer: In the UK, the vast majority of cats live an indoor-outdoor lifestyle and they commonly live into their mid-teens and early twenties. My last ...
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What Is the Life Expectancy of Pets? - wiseGEEK: clear answers for ...
My cat, who was an outdoor cat, lived to be around 22 in human years which is a lot longer than what the life expectancy of an outdoor cat is (4-5).
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Tonkinese Life Expectancy - Signs and symptoms of dog diseases ...
Tonkinese Life Expectancy. The Tonkinese breed came in to existence by crossing the Siamese cats with the Burmese cats. This was first done by an American cat breeder ...
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Feline Hyperthyroidism, a Common Treatable Disease among Older ...
Because of the cost and Spice's advanced age as well as weakness this was also not an option; however, for a cat with a life expectancy of several ...
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What Is The Life Expectancy Of A Siamese Cat?
What is the expected life span of a cat? How do you calculate life expectancy? What are some Siamese cat names? What could cause a siamese cat's color to darken?
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Life Expectancy of a Female Calico Cat | Reference Answers
The life expectancy of a female calico cat depends on their breed. Calico is just the coat that they have, not the actual breed. The typical expectancy of a cat is ...
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Wild Animals: wild cat/domestic pet, average life span, maximum ...
Im wondering about life expectancy on the wild cat, I had read once that they can live up to 25 years. and would like to know nutritional information to keep him with us ...What is the life expectancy for a cat with lymphoma? - Yahoo UK ...
Best Answer: The first thing you need to to change your vet. Rayita was diagnosed of alimentary lymphoma 3 years ago and we decided to take chemotherapy ...